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IDH to invest 10 billion CFA in cocoa sector

"More than 10 billion CFA will be invested to assist more than 300,000 cocoa farmers in West Africa and Indonesia," said Matthew M. Guemes, Program Director at IDH (The Sustainable Trade Initiative -a Dutch NGO) at a press conference held in Novotel Conference Hall in Abidjan.

IDH to invest 10 billion CFA in cocoa sector
According the Guemes, the 10 billion aid will allow producers to dispose of real cocoa fields and significantly, improve their yields. "The program aims to foster the transition from subsistence system to a cocoa industry, more dynamic and adapted to modern markets. The cocoa producer will become a true entrepreneur, which will have a positive impact on his revenues. ", he added.

There is an increasing demand of good quality cocoa bean on the world's major markets; the demand continues to grow to meet the Chocolate lovers whose number grows every day. Unfortunately, the Ivorian aging orchards and the arable land becomes more arid and unproductive.

To revitalize the sector IDH has decided to assist producers through its concept CPQP "aimed at a professionalization of the sector with objectives; improving the quality of the beans placed on the market”.

IDH and its partners are considering providing producers with a type of fertilizer for the cultivation of cocoa. "The program will focus on the importance of fertilizers in order to increase production (...) this type of fertilizer is composed of many minerals."

This program towards the producers of Côte d’Ivoire is supported by the Dutch government through the body of The Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH). "All the partners are convinced that the key to success lies in a transparent and coordinated collaboration among all stakeholders: farmers, local governments, NGOs and industry", added Matthew M. Guemes.


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